Water Filter Carbon Silver Impregnated 0.3µm

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  • Carbon cartridges do an excellent job of removing chlorine and its by-products, THMs (Trihalomethanes)
  • They also improve the taste and reduce odour of drinking water and can reduce/remove trace levels of heavy metals, herbicides, and pesticides.
  • Carbon cartridges with a micron rating can also offer filtering capability for sediment reduction/removal.

CA-SE Silver Impregnated Carbon Block Range

  • CA-SE carbon blocks are silver impregnated for a bacteriostatic effect, offering a longer hygienic life.
  • At pore sizes down to 0.3microns, these are fantastic for those wanting extra fine filtration alongside chlorine, taste and odour reduction.


  • Capacity 76,000L at 3.8lpm 
  • Estimated Capacity based on 2ppm free chlorine with 90% or greater reduction
  • Product Type     Carbon Filters
  • Brand    Atlas Filtri
  • Flow Rate (L/min)            5
  • Material               Polypropylene/SilverImpregnated Carbon
  • Nominal Micron Rating  0.3
  • Min Temp (degrees celsius)         4
  • Max Temp (degrees celsius)        45
  • Filter      10" Std

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