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When choosing a pump for a pond, or water feature,  it is best to contact us first to ensure you choose the correct one. There are important things to take into consideration.
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About Pond One

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Pond One is a brand of pond and water garden equipment, including pumps, filters, and accessories. The brand is part of the Evolution Aqua group, which is based in the United Kingdom (UK). Therefore, Pond One pumps are from the UK. Evolution Aqua is known for its high-quality aquatic and pond products, and Pond One is one of their product lines designed for pond and water feature enthusiasts.

The Pond One range of high quality products aim to make water gardening or keeping a fish pond easier and much more enjoyable. Pond One products are reliable, economical and easy to set up and maintain. When you purchase a Pond One product, you can be sure that you are buying quality to create vibrant sparkling ponds!

Enhance Your Pond Experience with NZ Pump & Water Filters

For top-notch pond equipment, NZ Pump & Water Filters has you covered. From robust pond pumps to effective filters and clarifiers, we offer everything you need to maintain a clean and thriving pond. With our knowledgeable team and competitive prices, choosing us as your pond equipment provider is an easy decision.

Discover Pond Pumps in NZ

Transform your backyard pond with our range of pond pumps at NZ Pump & Water Filters. Whether you need a small submersible pump or a large external model, we have options to keep your water flowing smoothly. Unsure which pump suits your setup best? Our experts are here to assist you. Plus, enjoy fast shipping and hassle-free returns when you shop with us.

Upgrade to a Pond Filter System

Maintain crystal-clear water in your pond and support a healthy ecosystem with a quality pond filter system from NZ Pump & Water Filters. Our efficient products are easy to install, allowing you to spend more time enjoying your pond and less time on maintenance. Say goodbye to murky water and hello to a pristine backyard oasis with our pond filtration solutions.

Understanding Pond Pumps and Filters

While both pond pumps and filters contribute to pond maintenance, they serve different purposes. Pond pumps circulate water, while filters trap debris and keep the pond clean. Optimal pond health often requires both components working together seamlessly.

Choosing the Right Pond Pump Size

Selecting the correct pump size is crucial for maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem. Factors such as pond volume, pumping height, and distance play significant roles. Our team can help you calculate the ideal pump size based on your specific requirements.

Importance of Pond Pump and Filter for Fish Ponds

Investing in a pump and filter for your fish pond is essential for maintaining water quality and supporting aquatic life. Proper circulation prevents the buildup of harmful waste and ensures adequate oxygen levels for fish and plants.

Considerations for Pond Pump Operation

Whether to turn off your pond pump at night depends on the presence of fish in your pond. Continuous circulation is vital for fish health, as it maintains oxygen levels and prevents stagnation. However, if your pond is fish-free, turning off the pump at night may be an option, though it may lead to water quality issues.

At NZ Pump & Water Filters, we're committed to providing expert advice and high-quality products to help you create and maintain a beautiful pond environment. Contact us today to explore our full range of pond equipment solutions.