Atlas Filtri PRO 156 Plug & Play UV Filter System

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Atlas Filtri's Big F Pro 156 Plug & Play UV System filters and disinfects up to 54lpm of water with its UV & 10" casings. Made in Italy, it reduces sediment and inactivates dangerous microbes like bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, ensuring a safe and healthy water supply.

Lockable, Curved Lid The Atlas Filtri BIG F PRO 156 Plug & Play UV System 54lpm -10" provides the perfect combination of accessible performance and security. The curved lid and key lock provide an extra layer of protection and increase system longevity. Curvature reduces condensation and humidity, extending the life of the electronics.

2 x Pressure Gauges supplied as standard  Providing a foolproof method of assessing the condition of the two pre-filters

Lamp Countdown Timer - Alerts the homeowner should the lamp fail to provide peace of mind the water is treated safely.

Controller Fuse - Inexpensive and easy to replace, the fuse protects the lamp ballast from power surges.

Reversible Inlet/Outlet -Ensures the installation looks tidy and Professional.

Italian Made - Italian manufactured for style and European quality

What does this product do for you?

  • Reduces coarse sediment >20 Micron Filter
  • Reduces fine sediment <1 Micron Filter
  • Inactivates- Bacteria
  • Inactivates - Viruses
  • Inactivates - Protozoa


  • Inactivates - Protozoa
  • Inlet 1" BSPP Male
  • Outlet 1" BSPP Female
  • Power supply 110-240v AC 50/60 Hz
  • Power Consumption 61 watts
  • Protection class IP54
  • Flow At 40mj/cm2 54 LPM
  • Flow At 30mj/cm2 70 LPM
  • Max System Pressure 8.5 BAR / 85M / 850 KPA
  • Housing Size 10" BIG BLUE
  • Certification Watermark 022909 
  • Countdown Timer 365 days

Control Panel

  • Material: Thermoplastic
  • Protective class: IP64
  • Electrical supply 110-240 V - 50/60 Hz
  • Power Cable length: 2m
  • Monitor Display: Digital
  • Auto Alarm with silence options
  • Countdown timer for lamp life resettable


  • 20-micron Poly Pleated filter - Wash every 3 months,  replace every 12months 
  • 1-micron -Polyspun filter - Non-washable, replace every 6 – 12 months
  • UV Lamp - Replace every 9,000 hours 
  • UV Quartz sleeve - Cleaning is advised at least quarterly. This may vary depending on your water quality – seek the advice of your supplier for your situation
  • Quartz sleeve O-ring - annually (unless damaged earlier)

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