Pentair Reverse Osmosis System - Max 110 LPH Output

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This commercial-quality unit outputs hundreds of gallons per day… enough to run your own coffee shop! It’s also more compact and designed for top performance using the average home’s water pressure and requires no power.


Fresh, clean water that never leaves an aftertaste or a water spot. Pentair Water  PRF-RO Series Reverse Osmosis (RO) System. Space-saving design. Replaces the Merlin system. The membrane cartridge & all componentry locate into a manifold that makes it a 3rd smaller in size.


  • Noticeably better-tasting drinking water
  • Clearer, more flavorful coffee, tea, and juice
  • Fruit, vegetables, and other foods rinse cleaner
  • Hard, clear ice cubes
  • Make baby formula right from the tap
  • Spot-free rinsing of dishes and glassware
  • No more bottled water expense, hassle, or waste
  • Long-lasting, impact-resistant polypropylene plastic construction, for years of reliable performance.
  • Quick, clean, and easy cartridge replacement – nothing to scrub or disinfect.
  • No storage tank to leak or become contaminated.
  • Continuous flow capable of producing several hundred gallons per day
  • Your own freshwater faucet keeps drinking water at your fingertips.
  • A Free-standing, compact footprint fits where other bulky systems can’t.


  • Water supply Inlet 1/2″ bsp female
  • Product water outlet 3/8″ tubing with 1/2″ bsp female ( 7/16 UNS tap adaptor supplied with Tap options)
  • Drain waste pipe clamp to suit 3/8″ tubing
  • Tubing lengths supplied are 1.2 metres per connection


  • Height 430mm
  • Width 510mm
  • Depth 240mm
  • Certifications NSF/ANSI 58


Recovery 23.7% or 1:3 Recovery refers to the percentage of feedwater that is converted into permeate (product water) in an RO system. It's calculated by dividing the amount of permeate produced by the amount of feedwater supplied, then multiplying by 100 to get the percentage. Higher recovery rates mean more efficient water usage because less water is wasted. However, higher recovery rates can also lead to higher concentrations of salts and other contaminants in the remaining feedwater, which might require additional treatment or disposal.

Efficiency rating is identical to recovery rating when the system is tested without a storage tank or when a storage tank is bypassed.

Rejection Values

  • Arsenic 94%
  • Barium 98%
  • Cadmium 99.8%
  • Chromium 6  97.9%
  • Chromium3 99.8%
  • Copper 97.8%
  • Fluoride 93.7%
  • Lead 99.6%
  • Nitrate 78.4%
  • Selenium 97.8%
  • TDS 89.7%

System Production Rate: 2831 LPD The System Production Rate in an RO (Reverse Osmosis) system refers to the amount of purified water that the system can produce within a specific time frame, typically measured in gallons per day (GPD) or liters per hour (LPH). This rate indicates the capacity of the RO system to provide clean and purified water for various applications, such as drinking, cooking, and other household or commercial uses.

testing under standard laboratory conditions results may vary

Technical characteristics

  • Flow rate (LPM) 1.5

  • Number of stages 2
  • Maximum 2600 lpd
  • Continuous flow
  • No need for a storage tank
  • Works with line pressure (2.76 bar)
  • No need for a pump or electricity
  • On-demand flow system
  • Never runs dry, increasing the membrane life cycle
  • Constructed of high-impact plastic
  • Guarantee of long product life
  • Dimensions (mm): 246 x 431 x 515 long

Please note the Faucet is optional


Each stage adds an extra level of clarity, cleanliness, and taste

Stage 1 A carbon pre-filter traps large particles, maintaining a strong water flow

Average service life Carbon Pre-Filter 6-12 months 37,800  litres

Stage 2  Dual Stage reverse osmosis elements work in tandem to further reduce impurities and increase efficiencies

Average service life  2-4 years

Stage 3  An additional carbon post-fillter maximizes the water’s freshness and flavor

Average service life 6-12 months 


  • 3027637 - PRF Membrane (2x) 
  • MER1237460 - PRF carbon block pre-filter (x1)
  • MERGS10 - PRF Polishing filter (x1) 


Technical sheet


24 months return to base - filters have their own service life


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