Omnipure ELF-1M P Water Filter With Scale Inhibitor

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Model: Omnipure ELF-1M-P - Made in the USA 

The ELF, also known as Extra Large Filters, comprises two-part bayonet-style replaceable cartridges compatible with a permanent head unit. One such example is the Omnipure ELF 1M-P-KDF, a highly efficient 1-micron, cyst-rated, granular activated carbon filter. This filter significantly enhances water quality, resulting in better-tasting, healthier water and ice.

Incorporating KDF, the Omnipure ELF-1M-P-KDF is specifically engineered to diminish water-soluble heavy metals, manage scale buildup, and suppress bacteria and algae growth. These properties contribute to prolonging the lifespan between necessary filter replacements.

This filter is an affordable alternative to an Everpure Everpure H-300-R, Everpure 4CB5-K.

Fully Compatible with Everpure QL1, QL2, and QL3 Heads.


  1. Filtration Level: The ELF-1M-P is designed with a 1-micron rating, indicating its capacity to filter out particles as small as 1 micron in size. This level of filtration is effective against various contaminants, including sediment, rust, chlorine, and other particles commonly found in water.

  2. Activated Carbon: Similar to other Omnipure filters, the ELF-1M-P likely incorporates granular activated carbon (GAC) in its construction. GAC efficiently absorbs impurities, odors, and unpleasant tastes from water, leading to improved water quality and taste.

  3. Cyst Reduction: This filter is designed to reduce cysts, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia, which are potentially harmful microorganisms, ensuring safer drinking water.

  4. Extended Lifespan: Like other Omnipure filters, the ELF-1M-P is engineered to have a longer life cycle, effectively purifying water over an extended period before needing replacement.

  5. Compatibility: It is likely compatible with various water filtration systems, offering versatility for use in residential, commercial, or industrial settings.

  6. Ease of Replacement: This filter likely follows a simple and user-friendly replacement process, making maintenance straightforward.


  • Commercial and Residential Drinking Water Systems
  • Specially designed carbon blocks make the ELF ideal for use in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, vending machines, or any point-of-use commercial application
  • Pre- and Post- R.O. Filtration
  • Water Coolers
  • Food Service
  • Reduces limescale buildup 


Replacing the filter body is as easy as a twist of the wrist, no tools are needed. The new extended cap version makes ELF's easy to change

Fully Compatible with Everpure QL1, QL2, and QL3 Heads.


  • Flow Rate 6.24 lpm
  • Maximum Operating Pressure 125 psig
  • Operating Temperature 35 to 100 ºF
  • Rated Capacity 56781 litres or 6 months
  • Reduction Claim Cyst, chlorine, taste, color, odor and VOC reduction with scale/corrosion inhibitor >99.99%
  • Minimum Working Pressure 40 psi
  • Filter Dimensions 3.125@ O.D. x 2.875@ I.D. x 12.7@ L
  • Carbon Type Activated Coconut Shell Carbon

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