Greenway High Output UV Ballast BA-95H

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Quality Greenway Ballast - Made In Canada

The BA-95H High Output Ballast is a unique electronic controller that has a universal AC input and provides constant lamp current while lowering power consumption to save energy. It also monitors the UV system with an LED countdown display and visible/audible alarms for when the lamp needs to be replaced.

  • Compatible with Watertec and many conventional 4-pin lamps
  • Suitable for most 4 pin lamps from 50 watts - 95 watts
  • Countdown Timer for Lamp Life
  • Suitable for Green Way GAUV-32HW
  • Audible intermittent alarm Lamp replacement reminder 
  • includes Power cord
  • Audible/visible lamp failure indicator and lamp replacement reminder 
  • 7-segment LED countdown display 
  • CSA-certified replacement component 
  • Low maintenance and easy servicing 
  • Universal AC input provides constant lamp current and low power consumption 
  • 110-240V/50-60Hz




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