Omnipure Undersink Fluoride & Chlorine Reduction Filter

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Model: Omnipure K5650ABA BB K5650-BB  (Made in the USA)
The OmniPure K5650ABA-BB Inline Water Filter is a high-quality multi-stage inline filter designed to reduce fluoride content and other contaminants, providing efficient filtration for all your water needs.


This water filter is highly effective in reducing chlorine, contaminants, fluoride, particulates, turbidity, and odor. It uses triple filtering media, including KDF, GAC, and Activated Alumina, with ABA2000 Activated Alumina specifically designed to reduce fluoride. Furthermore, KDF technology extends the service life of the filter by controlling scale and inhibiting algae and bacteria. All component filtering materials used are certified and approved by NSF International.

This Omnipure filter is a genuine OEM product, and its seamless design eliminates the need for glues, ensuring there is no contamination. It is a top-quality inline water filter, recognized as one of the finest globally..


  • Spin welded body 
  • Flow Rate: 1.89 lpm
  • Maximum service cacpacity in NZ approx 19,000 litres
  • Maximum pressure (125psi)
  • Change the filter every 2 years
  • Must be used with a Pressure reducing valve
  • Genuine OEM product
  • Made in the USA
  • Moulded as a single unit (no glue joins)
  • 6.4 cm (2 ½”) diameter filter
  • Female NPT, Threaded fittings
  • Model name: K5567BB, K5567-BB
  • UPC: 7-99932-58793-1
  • Size cm: 25.4 x 6.35


Removing the existing filter

• Turn off the water supply to the filter under the sink.
• Turn on the tap to empty the water from the tap and line
• Gently with your fingernails hold the collet and pull the tube out

Installing the new Filter

• Ensure the filter is in the correct direction by following the arrow Inlet to the outlet
• Push the tube into the collet as far as it can go at each end.
• Then gently pull the tube to ensure it has locked into place
• Turn the water on and flush the carbon fines through the filter for a few minutes by turning on the tap

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