Microlene Chlorine & Fluoride 5 Micron Water Filter 10” x 2½

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The AFAC10 cartridge reduces fluoride and improves taste and odour in drinking water


The Filterpure AFAC10 is a non-regenerable drinking water cartridge using preconditioned Actival, a fluoride selective media, plus Granular Activated Carbon to
remove chlorine and “Tastes and Odours”. Laboratory and field results show that the usual 1 mg/L fluoride level added to water supplies is reduced by 80 to 90%*.
The AFAC10 cartridge has a typical service life of six months in normal family use.

Cartridge life depends on feedwater quality and it is often beneficial to use a sediment removal prefilter to prevent premature clogging of the media’s active sites. High pH, excessive flow rate and bicarbonate alkalinity of over 100mg/L will reduce the effectiveness of the Actival media. These cartridges are not for whole house use and are for cold water point of use.


The Actival media has been shown to reduce arsenic levels from 0.12 mg/L to below 0.02, but total capacity has not been determined so regular testing is recommended if arsenic is present. *For 80-90% reduction in fluoride level, corresponds to 2000 litres
of water at 1 mg/L fluoride


Fits all standard 10 inch standard housings 
Colour White
Post filter 5 micron nominal
Media Granular Activated Carbon (Premier dedusted 20 x 50 mesh) with Actival Fluoride selective media
Optimal flow rate 2 lpm
Capacity 2,000 L
Max. temperature 80oC

Eliminates up to 90% of fluoride

Eliminates up to 9o% of Arsenic


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