Pond One Filter Sponge Prolongs Pump Life

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95x95x200mm PM1300 To 4900
Pond One Prefilter Sponge 160x160x450mm PM1300 To 4900


Pond One Prefilter Sponge plus adapter. for Pond one pumps 1300-4900

  • The prefilter sponge is a larger sponge than the standard.
  • This allows a larger water intake area reducing the stress on your pond pump and extra filtration to remove fish waste and particles.
  • Provides increased surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and multiply to enhance the breakdown of harmful ammonia and nitrite.
  • The Sponge is easily removable for regular cleaning. 


For use on smaller pond pumps remove the larger adapter to reveal the smaller thread. 

Just remove your existing prefilter cover & sponge and screw the adapter straight onto the pump for better filtration.

Recommended to use with Pond master range 1300 to 4900