EcoSoft Robust 3000 Commercial Tankless RO System | 3000lpd


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Ecosoft Robust 3000 Reverse Osmosis Filter features high end filtration technology for cafes, restaurants, water production, pharmacies, laboratories, small breweries and summer homes. 



  • Consistent High capacity 150lph
  • Recovery rate 50% – filter is economical and environmentally-friendly.
  • Designed for tankless operation
  • Built-in pressure gauges indicating pre-filters and membrane conditions
  • CE marked and confirmed to be safe in accordance with EC New Approach Directives.

The RObust 3000 features two manometers indicating the optimal operating pressure of the system. One displays the membrane inlet pressure post pre-treatment filters, while the other showcases the pressure on the membrane block post-pump. The panel provides optimal operating pressure values and offers recommendations to address potential issues if the pressure deviates from the ideal range.


  • High capacity – Provides up to 3000 litres of purified water every day.
  • Pre-filtration removes mechanical impurities, active chlorine, and natural organic substances.
  • The Membrane removes up to 99.8% of dissolved impurities.
  • Post-processing Carbon filter improves taste and odour

Generous Water Supply: Enjoy an ample daily output of up to 3000 litres of pristine water, catering to all your needs, whether it's serving refreshing drinks to guests or preparing beverages and culinary delights.



Appliance Preservation: Bid farewell to scale build-up, unsightly streaks, and cloudy glass surfaces. Your appliances, including coffee machines, ice makers, and dishwashers, will endure twice as long, thanks to the filtration system's protective benefits.

Enhanced Guest Experience: Impress your guests with the purest water, free from odours and impurities, allowing the authentic flavors of dishes and beverages to shine through, elevating every dining and entertaining experience.


  • Flow Capacity (L / hour)145 - 150
  • Water consumption (L / hour) 290-310
  • Purified water flowrate (L / hour) 130-140
  • Concentrate flow rate (L / hour) 150-200
  • Inlet Pressure (bar) 2 - 5
  • Water Feed Temperature (degrees C.)  4 - 30
  • Room Temperature (degrees C.) 5 - 40
  • Connection         1/2"
  • System Dimensions (H x W x D mm)  445 x 480 x 380
  • Filter Weight (kg)  25
  • Power Supply    230v, 50Hz
  • Power 250watts
  • IP 54

At feed water TDS of 250 ppm and temperature of feed water of 25 °С, ±10%.

If pressure of water in your system does not meet requirement, install a pressure booster pump to raise it. If
water pressure exceeds the upper limit, install a pressure regulator before the RObust.

Using the RObust with feed water temperature between +20 and +30 °С produces a lower rejection rate and
higher flow rate, which yields higher TDS of purified water. Using the system with feed water above +30 °С is
advised against.


Feed water requirements

  • pH 6.5-8.5
  • TDS, ppm < 1500 ppm CaCO
  • Total hardness < 500 ppm CaCO
  • Alkalinity < 325 ppm CaCO3
  • Active chlorine, ppm < 0,5
  • Total iron, ppm < 0,3
  • Total manganese, ppm < 0,05
  • Chemical oxygen demand, ppm O2
  • Total microbial count (TMC), (CFU per 1 mL)<100
  • E. coli (CFU per 100 mL) None


  • RObust 3000 reverse osmosis filter
  • Connection fittings pack
  • Service wrenches
  • User manual


The RObust 3000 offers the following 3 stages of filtration and treatment:

  • Pre-filtration provides removal of sediment impurities, active chlorine, organochlorine compounds, as well as organic matter.
  • Membrane treatment (Ecosoft RO element) removes up to 99.8% of dissolved impurities, including viruses and bacteria.
  • Activated Chemviron Carbon filter improves taste and odour.

Replacement filter codes

  • CHV4510ECO granular activated carbon filter X 2
  • CSV3012500ECO Ecosoft 500 GPD membrane element X 2

Filter service life

15,000 L but not less than once in 3 months. Service life depends on feed water quality and intensity of usage

Membrane service life

80 000 L but not less than once a year


At 25 °С feed water temperature, TDS 1000 mg/L

Recovery 50%  is equal to or greater than efficiency because the storage tank produces back pressure that reduces the flow rate of product water into the tank (which reduces the amount of product water produced compared to water coming in), whereas the flow rate of the water going down the drain does not change.

The water meets the stringent standards set by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). Here are the specifications:


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