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Why Choose UV Filters?

When it comes to ensuring safe drinking water, UV filters are the top choice in New Zealand. These innovative filters utilize ultraviolet light to eradicate harmful bacteria and microorganisms, guaranteeing water safety without stripping away essential minerals for great-tasting water.

About Greenway: Leading the Way in UV Water Treatment

At Greenway Water Technologies, we specialize in Ultraviolet (UV) water treatment disinfection systems that prioritize health and enhance your quality of life. As a prominent Canadian company, we are renowned for our market-leading UV systems, designed for minimal maintenance and maximum efficiency. Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, our UV chambers ensure durability, while our efficient UV lamps offer up to a full year of exceptional protection.

Microlene by Davey: A Legacy of Quality

For over 88 years, Davey has been a trusted name in manufacturing products that protect and enhance lives. From ensuring perfect pressure to delivering healthy drinking water, Davey provides solutions for various needs, including clean, relaxing pools and spas, fire and flood protection, and water for farms and businesses.

Atlas Filtri: Setting the Standard in Water Filtration since 1975

Atlas Filtri has been at the forefront of water filtration and treatment for over 40 years. Their commitment to design, production, and distribution of components for potable water filtration and treatment has earned them a reputation for reliability and expertise. With certifications including ISO 45001:2018 and UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, Atlas Filtri ensures the highest standards of quality and safety.

Troubleshooting Your Greenway UV System

Experiencing issues with your Greenway UV system? Our 365-day countdown serves as a reminder for servicing. If your system beeps, it's time to replace your filters and UV lamp. Resetting the timer yourself? Follow our simple steps for a successful reset.

Understanding UV Water Treatment

UV water treatment systems effectively eliminate harmful bacteria and microbes from your water using special UV lamps that emit Germicidal Spectrum light. This process ensures your water is safe for consumption without altering its taste or adding chemicals.

Maintenance Made Easy with Greenway UV Systems

Greenway UV systems are virtually maintenance-free, working 24/7 to provide you with safe water. With no handling of chemicals or dirty parts, and a quicker process than chlorine or chloramines, our UV systems are both effective and cost-efficient. Simply replace the UV lamp annually and the quartz sleeve every 5 years for optimal performance.

Certified Quality for Peace of Mind

Rest assured, our Greenway UV units are independently certified by CSA, UL, NSF, WQA, and EnergyStar, providing you with maximum assurance in quality and functionality. Plus, with certifications from IAPMO R&T and Certmark, our products meet the highest standards for potable water safety and resistance.

Explore Our Range of UV Water Filters

At NZ Pump & Water Filters, we specialize in providing high-quality UV water filters from Canada and Italy for both residential and commercial use. Whether you're on tank water or municipal supply, our UV systems offer reliable protection against harmful contaminants, ensuring clean, safe water for you and your family.

Experience the Difference with NZ Pump & Water Filters

Choose NZ Pump & Water Filters for reliable UV water filters and enjoy peace of mind knowing your water is safe and clean. With our wide selection of UV systems and expert support, upgrading your water quality has never been easier. Explore our range today and discover the difference UV filtration can make for your home or business.