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Ultra Violet Water Treatment

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Ultra Violet Water Treatment FAQs

If you're looking for a quality water filter in New Zealand, UV filters are the way to go. These filters use ultraviolet light to eliminate harmful bacteria and microorganisms in your water, ensuring that it's safe for consumption. Plus, they don't remove any of the beneficial minerals that contribute to great-tasting water.

About Greenway

Greenway Water Technologies specializes in Ultraviolet (UV) water treatment disinfection systems designed to promote health and enhance the quality of life. As a prominent Canadian company, we are recognized for our market-leading, user-friendly UV systems that require minimal maintenance. Our UV chambers are meticulously crafted from high-quality stainless steel, and our efficient UV lamps offer up to a full year of exceptional UV protection.

Microlene (by Davey)

For 88 years, Davey has been manufacturing products that help protect and enhance people’s lives. Whether you need perfect pressure, healthy drinking water, protection from fire and flood, a clean, relaxing pool or spa, or water to run your farm or business, you can depend on Davey for the right solution.

About Atlas Filtri

Atlas Filtri water filtration and treatment since 1975. For more than 40 years they have taken on a role of primary importance in the water filtration and water treatment thanks to design, production and distribution of components for potable water filtration and equipment for water treatment for civil or industrial use on national and international scale. Made in Italy tradition, confirm our company’s reliability and expertise, always aimed at a constant improvement and capillary worldwide distribution.


My Greenway UV system is beeping what should I do?

Please get in touch with us. The 365-day countdown serves as a reminder for servicing. This is the ideal time to replace your filters and UV lamp, as well as perform other necessary service checks.

Resetting the timer without conducting a service is not recommended. However, if you need to reset the timer yourself, please follow these steps:

  1. Turn off the power or unplug the cord.
  2. Hold the Reset button continuously for one minute:
    • The first 30 seconds with no power.
    • Then, while keeping the reset button depressed, turn the power back on and continue to count for another 30 seconds.
  3. Release the reset button.

If the counter displays 365, the timer has been successfully reset. If it shows 7, it means you didn't hold down the reset button long enough. For other error messages, please refer to your manual or contact your reseller or reach out to us for assistance.


UV Water Filters, what do they do?

The filters use ultraviolet light to eliminate harmful bacteria and microorganisms in your water, ensuring that it's safe for consumption. Plus, they don't remove any of the beneficial minerals that contribute to great-tasting water. At NZ Pump & Water Filters, we specialise in providing high-quality UV water filters from Canada & Italy for both residential and commercial use. So if you want clean, safe water, check out our selection of UV filters today.


When on tank water do I need a UV system?


The answer is yes, possums & bird droppings to name a few can end up in your water supply from roof gutters as well as organic matter. An Ultra violet water treatment system uses ultraviolet rays to kill harmful bacteria and microbes found in water without affecting taste or adding chemicals. UV water systems also prevent viruses from being able to reproduce, making them inactive.  It's simple yet effective - not to mention it requires less maintenance than other types of filters. There are two types of UV water filter systems you can choose from whole-house UV systems and under-bench UV systems for point-of-use drinking taps only.


Can UV system come with home water filters? 


Yes, we have many options that combine water filters with UV, all in one systems ready to install. Our whole-house UV water system provides effective sediment and colour removal, guaranteeing that your system will have a long lifespan. Our unique UV + filter combination eliminates the need for a separate reverse osmosis water filter system, though it may be necessary to add carbon filters for odour and taste reduction.


How does UV water treatment work?


Greenway UV water disinfection process uses special UV lamps to emit Germicidal Spectrum light at 254nm, attacking the microorganisms' genetic code and eliminating their ability to function and reproduce. This process ensures your water is safe from contamination and virus replication.

Greenway UV water disinfection system utilizes UV light to effectively remove 99.9% of all microorganisms inhabiting water. This process breaks down the DNA and RNA of the organisms, permanently disabling them from reproducing and infecting other organisms. 


Are ultra-violet treatment systems high maintenance?


Greenway UV systems are practically maintenance-free and works 24/7, giving you constant access to safe water. No handling of chemicals, no dirty parts, and a quicker process than chlorine or chloramines make this purifier an effective and cost-effective option. UV Lamps are changed annually and our Greenway UV systems have an inbuilt countdown timer to remind you when to change the lamp.  


Do I need to clean a UV water filter?  


You don’t need to clean your UV water filter as its chambers are made with high-quality stainless steel, but your UV lamp will need to be replaced after 12 months. Our UV water filter systems come with a quartz sleeve that the lamp sits in to protect it from water, and this will need replacing approx. every 5 years. Good pre-filtration will ensure the sleeve is kept cleaner for longer and will mean you will need to replace it less frequently.  

A clean quartz sleeve is essential for optimal performance of your UV unit. It is recommended to inspect and clean the quartz sleeve at least every two years, with an annual cleaning being the preferred frequency. When handling and cleaning the quartz sleeves, it's crucial to exercise great care, as they are delicate components. Generally, quartz sleeves are replaced every 5 years.

There is no need to check on the UV lamp unless it isn't working, but we recommend that you utilise a power surge protector to protect the lamp and replace the o-ring seals each time the lamp is replaced. Greenway UV systems have a VUE cap on the end to see if the lamp is on or off.


Are your UV systems certified to NZ standards?

Greenway Ultra Violet units have been independently certified by CSA, UL, NSF, WQA and EnergyStar, providing customers maximum assurance in quality and functionality. Some even boast NSF55 Class B Validation. With products designed and developed for customer satisfaction, you can rest easy knowing your water is in safe hands. 

Atlas Filtri

ISO 45001:2018 and UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certifications which prove our high standards for work safety, human resources management and customer satisfaction.

Atlas Filtri respect the most stringent worldwide standards, among them the ACS (France) and EAC (Ghostreghistrazia Russia) health certification; we also boast certifications on the part of IAPMO R&T for the NSF/ANSI 42 and 61 standard (USA and CANADA) and by Certmark for WATERMARK (Australia) regarding material safety and resistance, in conformity to standards for potable water.
Our products are tested in conformity with Ministerial Decree 25 (Italy) for use with potable water.