Water Filter For Insinkerator EWF-8001 F-701R

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The Eco Aqua EWF-8001-ISE may be used as an alternative replacement for InSinkErator* F-701R, and 3M* AP3-C765 water filters.

Direct easy-replacement for steaming hot water beverage taps

Filter References:

EWF-8001A-ISE EWF-8001A EWF-8001 EWF8001A F701R F-701R F701-R


  • High-Quality Water Filter
  • Economical alternative to the original
  • Reduces Chlorine Taste, Contaminants, and Odour
  • Reduces scale
  • Cleaner, Fresher tasting water
  • NSF-certified materials and construction

Eco Aqua EWF-8001 Replacement Filter may be used with hot water systems 1100 & 3300 and similar.

Sanitary Quick-Change Filter Cartridges make cartridge replacement fast and easy without contact with used filter material. twist into remove from the filter head that has an automatic shut-off valve when the cartridge is being replaced

The same universal connection fitting is used on F-201R; F-601R; F-701R; F-801R


  • Flow Rate: 2.8 litres per minute
  • Capacity: 7,600 litres,
  • Size mm: 300 x 100
  • Pressure 140 - 827 kPa Max ( 20 - 120psi )
  • Operating Temp: 1 – 38°c (water in)

Service Life

  • change every 6 to 12 months
  • Or replace when the flow begins to reduce signifcantly

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