Omnipure K2567 Inline Underbench Water Filter Cartridge


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Omnipure K2567-JJ 

We will replace this filter with the K5567 also known as OKDF30/1 

The replacement model comes with a 2-year service life making it more economical

Omnipure Filter Company revolutionized the water filtration industry by making the first small disposable inline carbon filter. With the simple concept of “better-tasting water,” the best inline water filter in the world was born. Their products are proudly manufactured in Caldwell, Idaho USA, and distributed worldwide.

More Info

  • K5567-JJ Chlorine, taste, color, and odor reduction Click Here for more info. This filter is sold and relabeled as an OKDF/30 Tested in NZ



Push Fit- Connections for 1/4" tube


Removing the existing filter

• Turn off the water supply to the filter under the sink.
• Turn on the tap to empty the water from the tap and line
• Gently with your fingernails hold the collet and pull the tube out

Installing the new Filter

• Ensure the filter is in the correct direction by following the arrow Inlet to the outlet
• Push the tube into the collet as far as it can go at each end.
• Then gently pull the tube to ensure it has locked into place
• Turn the water on and flush the carbon fines through the filter for a few minutes by turning on the tap




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