Why is a WaterMark certification so important? - NZ Pump And Water Filters

Why is a WaterMark certification so important?


Because our bodies are 50% composed of water our bodies need the purest and safest water to keep us in good health. The starting point is ensuring the housing in which the filter is installed is also safe to drink from. 

With a WaterMark certification, you know that the water filter has passed a number of strict tests and requirements. WaterMark certifies plumbing safety, water pressure, taste, and toxins. If a filter system has a WaterMark certification it means that the water filter is safe and there are no harmful toxins leaching from the filter into your drinking water. So, you can just enjoy great-tasting filtered water. Even though WaterMark is not a New Zealand requirement  but if a product has WaterMark it will likely also meet NZBC requirements. Although NZ does not have a mandatory certification scheme like WaterMark, it does have the 'CodeMark' scheme.

NZ code mark scheme

We sell food safe certified water filter housings  that carry the WaterMark certification, so shop safe with NZ Pump & Water Filters.