Under Bench UV Water Filter System (4lpm)

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UVA-1C UNDERBENCH (4LPM) UV Water Treatment

Polaris UVA Steriliser with Standard 10 inch twin housings and complete with all fittings including a drinking faucet


Cost-effective and efficient method for the treatment of Biologically contaminated water containing "faecal coliforms" caused by Birds, possums on exposed gutters and Livestock faecal run off into streams or shallow Bores.


Ultra Violet Water Sterilizer chamber is made from high-grade stainless steel. The UV system inactivates harmful organisms such as bacteria and viruses by disrupting the DNA, effectively preventing them from multiplying and causing illness. Microorganisms, such as E-coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia.  This is a cost-effective, Environment-

  • 99.99% destruction of bacteria (such as E.coli), viruses, and protozoan cysts (Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia)
  • No chemicals are added to water and no water chemistry changes
  • Low maintenance and easy servicing
  • long-life UV lamp for consistent maximum UV output over the entire lamp life 
  • Range of sizes to meet flow rate requirements 
  • Electronic controller with universal AC input, constant lamp current, and low power consumption 


  • Polaris Chamber 304 Grade Stainless Steel
  • (16mj/cm2) @ 11lpm Minimum Dose Rate (Maximum Flow Rate)
  • (30mj/cm2) @ 8lpm Standard Dose Rate (Standard Flow Rate)
  • Timer - NO
  • Rated lamp Life 9000 hours
  • Port Size 1/4" MNPT
  • Max Pressure 125psi
  • Wave length 254nm
  • Working Temp 2-40deg C
  • 2 x housings
  • 1 x Pleated Filter 20 micron
  • 1 x  Polyspun 1 micron sediment Filter
  • 10-watt lamp
  • Designer Faucet (tap)
  • Dimensions: Height 410 mm Width 360mm Width 140mm


We highly recommend using a surge protector

24 Months

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