Microlene Aquashield Centurion 3 Stage UV Smart System


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Microlene's proven three-stage filtration and ultraviolet disinfection systems can provide continuous clean and safe water from your rainwater tanks.

In conjunction with pre-filtration, UV is the best practical option for treating drinking water and is widely used in disinfecting the drinking supplies of not just individual homes, but entire towns. Simplistic in operation, these systems feature a tricolour LED that indicates system status and a 4-digit display to indicate lamp life remaining. Pressing the button will change the display to indicate total running time. When the UV lamp is on and within its operating age, the LED will be green. When the UV lamp is not on or the lamp life has expired, the LED will be illuminated red and an audible buzzer will be sounding. To remedy this condition, the UV lamp must be replaced with a new genuine Microlene UV lamp.


• Special filter design with O-ring groove for fail-safe installation 
• High maximum operating pressure 827kPa (120 psi), and single manifold heads (no potential leaks between heads)
• Tri Colour LED display that indicates system status and a 4-digit display to indicate lamp life remaining 
• 316L stainless steel, axial flow chambers allow for optimum efficiency plus lamp and sleeve service without the need to drain the water
• Coated UV lamps for consistent UV output throughout life
• 10,000 hour LP lamps – longest residential lamp life on the market
• Ready for quick installation and use
• 10 year limited warranty on UV chambers
• Splash-proof controller with constant current electronic ballast designed to IP54 ingress protection rating

Operating Limits

Maximum system pressure 827kPa (120 PSI)
Water temperature range 0 – 40°C
Maximum ambient temperature 50°C
Lamp life 10,000 hrs (14 months)

Flow Rates (subject to dosage, UVT and demand %UVT)

Recommended 56.8 l/min @ 30mJ As a general guide, most households do not exceed 50 lpm demand at the same time. For example, 3 outlets turned on at the same time at an average flow rate of 9.3 lpm creates a demand of 27.9 lpm (this flow rate through the
chamber will in fact increase the mJ UV dosage rate being applied to and treating the water) at this flow rate the water will in fact be treated at 61mJ @ 95% UVT which is over double the industry recommended 30mJ rating

Materials of construction

  • Chamber Polished 316L Stainless Steel A249 pressure-rated tubing
  • Wall mounting bracket Powder coated steel 
  • Chamber connections 1” Male NPT
  • Filter Housing connections 1” Female NPT
  • 1” BSP male threaded fitting included for
  • incoming pipework.


Supply Voltage 90-265V ~
Supply frequency 50-60Hz
Power (Total) 57W
Phase 1
Lamp 45W
Max input current 0.24A
Max output current 800mA

Water Quality

Water quality is extremely important for optimum UV performance.

Maximum recommended parameters are as follows:
Hardness 120 mg/L – if hardness level is 120 mg/l or slightly below the quartz sleeve must be cleaned periodically in order to ensure efficient UV penetration; if above the water must be softened.

  • Iron (Fe) <0.3 ppm (0.3mg/l)
  • Manganese (Mn) <0.5 ppm (0.5mg/l)
  • Turbidity <1 NTU
  • Tannins (organics) <0.1 ppm (0.1mg/l)
  • UVT (transmittance)
  • >85% (Please contact Davey if water has a
  • UVT that is less than 80% for pre-treatment
  • recommendations)


  • Industry-leading warranty:
  • 10 years on stainless UV chamber
  • 3 years on electronic controller
  • 14 months on lamps, sensors and sleeves
  • 12 months on filter housings

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