Top Fluoride & Chemical Depural Water Filter Kit With Tap

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Designed for the installation under the kitchen sink, complete with standard
quick-fit connections and dedicated tap,


Model: Depural Bravo Duo

All BRAVO DP housings fit to 10” cartridges with both standard SX flat seals (DOE) and BX quickfit double o-ring end-cap, available from the wide range of Atlas Filtri cartridges SX and BX type. All housings are provided with Filter-Fit, special centering device for SX cartridges.

Atlas Green

Filter housings made in PET, a highly recyclable plastic, are manufactured with a proprietary procedure saving up to 60% of energy in injection molding
compared with standard plastics. That is one of Atlas Filtri commitments to comply with Kyoto Treaty for the reduction of green house gas (CO2) emissions in the


  • BRAVO DP housings x2
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Housing spanner
  • Quick Fit Connection Fittings
  • Designated Tap

Filter cartridges

  • 1 x CA-SE Silver Impregnated Carbon Block Range 0.3 Micron

Silver Impregnated Bacteriostatic Carbon Block CASE Chlorine Cyst Reduction Filter

Carbon cartridges do an excellent job of removing chlorine and its by-products, THMs (Trihalomethanes) improves taste and odour of drinking water and can reduce/remove trace levels of heavy metals, herbicides and pesticides.

CA-SE carbon blocks are silver impregnated for a bacteriostatic effect, offering a longer hygienic life.

At pore sizes down to 0.3microns, these are fantastic for those wanting extra fine filtration alongside chlorine, taste and odour reduction.

This one is 76,000L at 3.8lpm Estimated Capacity based on 2ppm free chlorine with 90% or greater reduction

  • 1 x Microlene AFAC10 cartridge reduces fluoride and improves taste and odour in drinking water

Post filter 5 micron nominal Media Granular Activated Carbon (Premier dedusted 20 x 50 mesh) with Actival Fluoride selective media Optimal flow rate 2 lpm Capacity 2,000 L
Max. temperature 80oC

  • Eliminates up to 90% of fluoride
  • Eliminates up to 9o% of Arsenic



Max working pressure 8 bar (116 psi)
Max working temperature 45°C (113°F)
Min working temperature 4°C (39,2°F)


Non-toxic materials, suitable for drinking water.
Head: reinforced polypropylene.
Bowl: PET. O-rings: EPDM.
Breather-valve: body stainless steel, o-ring EPDM

Housings are tested and certified under the most stringent procedures worldwide, in compliance with DM 25 (Italy), with the sanitary certification ACS (France) 


  • Height 325mm
  • Depth 110mm
  • Width 228mm

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