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Filtermaster Pool Pumps FAQ


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Is Filtermaster is a good brand?

Simply "yes" Filtermaster has been a proven & tested brand in NZ for decades pool pump and filter equipment, providing optimal performance for over five decades. With powerful motor components and a rugged design, Filtermaster has proven to be the leader in NZ for reliable backyard pool needs.

Filtermaster Pool Pumps Make your pool sparkle like never before with a new Filtermaster Pool Pump. With powerful water pressure and fast movement, it will keep your pool's water crystal clear and refreshing. Forget the days of cloudy water - get the perfect pool with Filtermaster!

Why invest in a Filtermaster Pool Pump? The Filtermaster Pool Pump is a reliable and long-lasting choice for keeping your pool clean. A trusted brand since 1961, these pumps are engineered with quality parts to ensure durability and effectiveness. With its proven performance and trusted durability, the Filtermaster Pool Pump is an ideal choice for pool owners wanting to invest in a reliable pump.

Is a bigger Pool Pump better?

An oversized pool pump that is too big for your swimming pool and possibly your pool sand filter may have too much flow rate and too much pressure. Choose the right size pump and filter for your pool with NZ Pump & Water Filters. Our expert team will help you find the pump and filter that are especially suited to your pool size, resulting in reduced energy use, less stress on your pipes, and a longer service life of your filter.

Will I need a new Pool Filter as well?

Our Filter Master Pool Pump is designed to work best with the right-sized swimming pool filter, ensuring a clean and clear pool. Effective filtration helps maintain a safe swimming environment, so choosing the right filter is essential and also helps extend the lifespan of the filter itself.