Pressure Tank 18L For Water Pressure Systems


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Bladder expansion tank

Used as storage units for water under pressure in household, farm, or industrial applications, Pressure Tanks are an important consideration for solving the problem where pumps cycle on/off, which can prematurely burn pumps out.

Pressure tanks also allow for a pre-determined amount of water to be supplied before the pump starts, helping to halt water hammer issues.

With an enamel finish steel cell, CEG pressure tanks ensure long life and protection against rusting and the effects of UV light.


A pressure tank, also known as a well tank or expansion tank, is commonly used in water supply systems, particularly in well-based systems. It offers several benefits:

  1. Pressure Regulation: The primary purpose of a pressure tank is to regulate water pressure in the system. It helps maintain a consistent and stable pressure by absorbing excess water pressure when the pump is active and releasing it when the pump shuts off. This prevents pressure fluctuations and water hammer, which can damage the system and appliances.

  2. Pump Cycling Reduction: Pressure tanks reduce the frequency of pump cycling. When water is demanded, the tank supplies water from its reservoir before the pump kicks in. This reduces the number of pump starts and stops, extending the lifespan of the pump and reducing energy consumption.

  3. Water Storage Capacity: Pressure tanks have a reservoir that stores water under pressure. This stored water can be accessed without the pump immediately turning on, providing a temporary supply of water during power outages or when the pump is not running. It ensures a constant water supply for essential needs until power is restored or the pump starts.

  4. Enhanced Pump Performance: The presence of a pressure tank can improve the performance of the water pump. By reducing pump cycling and providing consistent pressure, the pump operates more efficiently and experiences less wear and tear. This can lead to longer pump life and reduced maintenance costs.

  5. Water Hammer Prevention: Water hammer occurs when rapid changes in water flow create pressure surges in the system, resulting in loud banging noises and potential damage to pipes and fixtures. A pressure tank helps dampen these pressure surges by absorbing and dissipating the excess pressure, reducing the risk of water hammer.

  6. Extended Lifespan of Appliances: Pressure tanks can help protect appliances and fixtures from damage. By maintaining a steady water pressure, the tank prevents sudden pressure spikes that could harm sensitive equipment like washing machines, dishwashers, and water heaters. Consistent pressure also ensures proper operation and longevity of fixtures and appliances.

  7. Increased Water System Efficiency: With a pressure tank, the water supply system operates more efficiently. The tank allows the pump to run at full capacity when it is operating, providing adequate water flow for multiple uses simultaneously. It eliminates the need for oversized pumps, reducing energy consumption and optimizing the system's efficiency.


  • Nominal volume; 18 litres
  • Factory precharge 2.0 bar/30psi
  • Connection; 25mm 1" BSP (stainless steel)
  • Max working pressure 150psi
  • Max  working water temp 90 deg C
  • 368mm h x 280mm w


5 Year gaurantee

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